Donate Online Through a Credit Union or e-Transfer

Via e-Transfer
Donate online using an e-transfer.
E-transfers can be sent to

Via On-Line Banking
You can donate online using online banking at any credit union in Ontario. You can give once or schedule regular giving.Steinmann Mennonite Church is registered as an online payment recipient with all credit unions in Ontario so you just use the online payment function and select Steinmann Mennonite Church as the recipient.You can use the payment function in online banking to do a one-time payment now or in the future, or schedule recurring payments.

Below is an example of how to do this using Kindred Credit Union’s online banking web site. Other credit unions will have a similar process.

To add Steinmann Mennonite Church as a payee

  1. Log onto the Credit Union (ie. Kindred) online banking website
  2. Click on Payments on the left
  3. Click Add Payee at the top
  4. Search for Steinmann Mennonite Church and click on the church name when it is found in the list of available payees
  5. In the “Add Payee – Step 3” page, put in your offering envelope number as your account number. This number has to be four digits long so, if needed, add zeros in the front of your number to get to four digits.
    • for example, if your envelope number is 100, please enter 0100 as your account number

  6. Check the boxes for which account number should have this payee added and then click Submit

Steinmann Mennonite Church will now be listed as a payee in your Payments list.

To make a donation

  1. Log onto the Credit Union (ie. Kindred) online banking website
  2. Click on Payments on the left
  3. In the Pay To list, check the box next to Steinmann Mennonite Church and fill in the desired date and dollar amount of your donation
  4. Click Pay Bills at the bottom
  5. On the confirmation page, click Confirm

Your payment receipt will display. Note that you will get a charitable gift receipt from the church as usual.