Donate Through any Financial Institution

You can donate using a scheduled direct deposit from any Canadian financial institution (bank or credit union). There is a one-time, one-form process to set up.


  1. Here is an example filled-in form with highlighting for what you need to fill in.
  2. Download the blank Payor’s Preauthorized Debit Agreement form. The form is a fillable PDF so you can fill it out on your computer or just print it and fill it out by hand.
  3. Complete the “Payee” section at the top. This is the New Hamburg Kindred Credit Union branch, which is the church’s branch.
    Payee Name: Kindred Credit Union
    Payee Phone: 519-662-3550
    Payee Address: 100 Mill Street, Unit M, New Hamburg, ON N3A 1R1
  4. Complete the “Payor” section at the top. This is your information.
  5. In the “Payment Details” section, please fill in your account information in the “Payor Account” area, desired donation amount in the “Amount of Payment” section and your desired donation frequency in the “Frequency” section. You don’t need to provide any details of the church’s account information as this will be filled in by Kindred Credit Union staff.
  6. In the “Description of PAD” section, please put your own name and then “to Steinmann Mennonite Church”
    (for example, “Wendy Wagler to Steinmann Mennonite Church”) to show this is a transfer from you to the church.
  7. Print out the form.
  8. In the “Authorization” section, sign the “Payor Signature” line.
  9. Please also sign the “Payor Signature” line in the “Waiver of pre-notification” area. If you do this, this allows you to adjust your donation amount in the future without having to re-submit a new form. You can just let the church accountant know your wishes and your future donations will be adjusted as desired.
  10. If you wish to have the PAD run for a certain length of time, please fill in the future end date in the “Cancel Payment” section and sign there as well.
  11. Attach a sample cheque with “VOID” written on the front.
  12. Please put the completed form and your void cheque in a sealed envelope labelled “PAD Agreement for Steinmann Mennonite Church, attn: Mary Lou Gingerich”. This can be dropped off at the church office, placed in the offering plate or be placed in the night deposit drop box at the Kindred Credit Union branch located at 100 Mill Street, Unit M, New Hamburg (in the Sobeys Plaza).

Thank you!