November 7, 2021 Bulletin

Sunday, November 7, 2021
Grief and Hope


Call to worship

Opening prayer

God of the Bible  VT 420

Sword into a Ploughshare   VT 798

Children’s time

Isaiah 61:1-3


Beauty for Brokenness  VT 712

Offering – Kim Francis

Congregational prayer


For the healing of the nations  VT 705


Today, 11:00 a.m. Coffee Time

Leading Us in Worship:
Prelude/Postlude: Susan Seyler
Worship Leader: Doris Martin
Children’s Time: Joy Wagler
Scripture and Congregational Prayer: Kim Francis
Sermon/Reflections: Steve Drudge, Doris Martin, Kim Francis and Rick Brenneman (Peace & Justice Committee)
Livestream: Arne Kennel

COVID Guidelines for Worship

  • Please wear a mask
  • Please hum, sway, or tap your foot rather than singing
  • After the service, remain seated until an usher dismisses you
  • You are welcome to gather out in the parking lot for fellowship
  • An offering plate is located at the back of the fellowship hall
  • Tables and colouring sheets provided for young families.
  • We are prioritizing air flow in the building. If you are bothered by a draft or have a hard time hearing please connect with an usher regarding an alternative place to sit.

Reflection on Worship Visuals – Helmi Wiebe
The circle, or ring, represents the symbol of eternity and never-ending existence.  Since the circle has no beginning and no end, many believe it represents God’s love for us, which moves within and around the daily challenges we struggle through. The circle is wrapped in frayed cloth that moves from black to gray to white in colour. Grief moves through times of deep darkness, and is pulled to the light.  Grief can continue to cycle through times of despair and times of healing. The circle also symbolizes the circle of support that the community can offer to those who are grieving. The life force is represented by the plant and vines which move over the cloth.  Hope that life will be renewed, hope that peace will come as promised to us by God.

Monthly special giving for November:  Hochma congregation in Montreal. Their work with the homeless includes worship services, support at their campsites, emergency shelter, meals and help with searching for jobs and housing.  This month please give donations to Steinmann Mennonite Church designated “Hochma.” Our accountant Wendy will forward one sum at the end of the month.

Next Sunday November 14
9:45 a.m. Livestream and up to 120 people in-person worship in the  fellowship hall
Candidating Service for Louise Wideman, Caring for ourselves and others
Scripture: Ephesians 1:15-23
Speaker:  Louise Wideman

11:00 a.m. Coffee Time on Zoom

Nov. 12-14 (Fri. – Sat.) Candidating Weekend for Louise Wideman,
Pastor of Worship and Care.
Here are a few opportunities to meet her.

  • Saturday November 13 tea time via Zoom @ 3 p.m.
  • Sunday morning worship service
  • Sunday @ 11:30 a.m. coffee time via zoom

Zoom links will be sent our closer to the dates.

November Worship Series: Grief and Hope
Global Grief and Lament (Nov. 7), Caring for Ourselves and Others (Nov. 14), Personal Grief and Mourning, Eternity Sunday (Nov. 21), Hope in the midst of Darkness, Advent 1 (Nov. 28)

Steinmann Events
Nov. 11 (Thurs.) 7:30 p.m.  At Death’s Door Workshop with Irma Fast Dueck  (Zoom) Session 3:  Complicated Grief.

Nov. 20 (Sat) 9-2p.m. 6th Annual Makers Market. Note: proof of vaccination will be required. If you’re interested in helping we are looking for: donations of baked goods, jars (quart or pint), and volunteers on the day of the event, if interested in volunteering contact Lynelle Drudge. Other questions, contact Ashley Drudge. Hope to see you there!

November 21Eternity Sunday A sacred time and space to feel our grief and losses. We will remember members of the congregation as well as other family and friends beyond our congregation who have died this past year (Nov. 2020-2021). If you wish to have a name read during the service, please add their name and information to the sheet at the back of the fellowship hall or contact the church office.

Jr. Youth & MYF
Nov. 23 (Tues.) 6:30 p.m. Jr. Youth: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
Nov 26 (Fri) 7:00 p.m. MYF: Movie Night at the church.

Community Events
Nov. 15 (Mon.) 2-8 p.m. Blood Donor Clinic at Steinmann Mennonite Church. Appointments are required. To book an appointment call 1-888-236-6283 or

The Property Committee is looking for 2 people to serve as the new Cemetery Coordinator and/or as an assistant, beginning in the new year. The role involves organizing plot locations and coordinating burial arrangements for our church cemetery. Training would be provided through the Property Committee. A detailed job description is available by contacting Brandon Gingerich or Jim Steckle.

New Hamburg thrift needs Volunteers!! Various positions available.  For more information contact  Jennifer Woolner at or 519-662-2867. Or go to and fill out a Volunteer application. Thank-You

It’s that time of year again! If you are interested in attending a Mennonite School (i.e. Rockway, Conrad Grebel) or taking an Anabaptist related course in 2022, you are invited to submit an application (by Nov 30th) to the Mennonite Schools and Leadership committee to receive some student aid support. If you have any questions feel free to contact a member of the committee: Andrea Kennel, Scott Wagler, Pastor Sara.

Personal Notes
Congratulation to:

  • Viola Dorsch who is celebrating her 95th birthday on Wed.. Nov. 10
  • Daniel Ropp who is celebrating his 86th birthday on Wed., Nov. 10
  • Ruby Gingerich who is celebrating her 93rd birthday on Thurs., Nov. 11
  • Victor Dorsch who is celebrating his 94th birthday on Fri., Nov. 12
  • Marie Zehr who is celebrating her 85th birthday on Fri., Nov. 12


Remember in Prayer
Bruce Steinman was moved to Grand River Hospital this week. Ruth’s lung is no longer collapsed. Both are sitting up some.  Thanks for your prayers.

We invited ongoing prayers for the family of Grace Holst as they remember her with thanksgiving.  A family funeral is planned for this afternoon at the church.