November 21, 2021 Bulletin

Sunday, November 21, 2021
Grief and Hope


Call to worship and Prayer

Beautiful Things  VT 551

Nothing is lost on breath of God  VT 653

Children’s Time

At Death’s Door Sharing

2 Samuel 21:1-11

Meditation: Blessed are those who Mourn

When Grief is Raw  VT 655

Remembering Together

Go silent Friend  VT 657  

Praying together



In the bulb there is a flower  VT 670



Leading Us in Worship:
Accompanists: Sara Roth, Isaac Roth
Worship Leader and Prayer: Sue Kennel
Children’s Time: David Martin
At Death’s Door Sharing:  Kim Lichti
Scripture Reading: Andrea Kennel
Meditation: Pastor Sara Erb
Livestream: Steve Kennel

COVID Guidelines for Worship

  • Please wear a mask
  • Songs. Hum, sway or tap along, or sing as invited
  • After the service, remain seated until an usher dismisses you
  • You are welcome to gather out in the parking lot for fellowship
  • An offering plate is located at the back of the fellowship hall
  • Tables and colouring sheets provided for young families.
  • We are prioritizing air flow in the building. Connect with an ushers if you are bothered by the draft or have trouble hearing.

Today, 11:00 a.m. Congregational Vote – Pastoral Candidate Louise Wideman. No coffee time today

Reflection on Worship Visuals – Helmi Wiebe
The circle, represents eternity; never-ending existence.  A circle has no beginning and no end, representing God’s love for us, which moves within and around our daily challenges. The circle is wrapped in frayed cloth moving from black to gray to white. Grief moves through times of deep darkness, and is pulled to the light. Grief can continue to cycle through times of despair and times of healing. Also symbolizes the circle of support the community can offer to those who are grieving. The life force is represented by the plant and vines which move over the cloth. Hope that life will be renewed, hope that peace will come as promised to us by God.

Monthly special giving for November:  Hochma congregation in Montreal. Read their inspiring story of responding to people who are homeless: This month please give donations to Steinmann Mennonite Church designated “Hochma.” Our accountant Wendy will forward one sum at the end of the month.

Next Sunday November 28
9:45 a.m. Livestream and in-person worship in the fellowship hall
Advent 1. Light in the Darkness
Scripture: Isaiah 9:1-7
Speaker:  Pastor Steve Drudge

11:00  a.m. Kids Sunday School, in-person. We will plan to be indoors. Parents are invited to stay.

11:00 a.m.
Coffee time on Zoom

November Worship Series: Grief and Hope
Global Grief and Lament (Nov. 7), Caring for Ourselves and Others (Nov. 14), Personal Grief and Mourning, Eternity Sunday (Nov. 21), Hope in the midst of Darkness, Advent 1 (Nov. 28)

Steinmann Events
Nov. 25 (Thurs.) 7:30 p.m.  At Death’s Door Workshop with Irma Fast Dueck (Zoom). Session 4:  Living and Dying well in Christian Community. (final session)

Nov 26(Fri.) – Meals to the Land Defenders at Land Back Lane in Caledonia. Meals continue even though there has been cancellation of the major development in the land dispute. Your contribution to this meal is a way to work at improved relationships with Indigenous people. If you would like to contribute please message Gladys Bender

Dec. 1 (Wed.) Morning & afternoon – Mennonite Women: to knot comforters and/or quilt. Masks are required. Bring a bag lunch and a few Christmas goodies to share at lunch.  Coffee and Christmas goodies will be served to those staying for the lunch/meeting. The kitchen, fridge and microwave are still not be available.  If staying for the lunch and meeting—proof of full vaccination is required. Upon arrival everyone will be asked to sign in and physical distancing will be observed.

Dec. 2 (Thurs.), 1:00 p.m. and the following three Thursdays.  Grief Support Group at the church facilitated by a counsellor with Interfaith Counselling New Hamburg. An opportunity to share grief’s journey with others who have experienced significant loss during the past two years.  Contact Pastor Steve re: your interest and questions.

Dec. 9 (Thurs.) 7:00 pm. Premier event planned by the Generosity Committee. To encourage dialogue in our congregation regarding our earning, spending, donating, and management of our financial resources for all who appreciate free pie and coffee along with conversation with fellow church participants. Current provincial regulations require double vaccinations because of food being served. Contact church office before December 8th to RSVP.  Questions? Ask Angela Gerber, Darryl Drudge, Lynn Yantzi, Pastor Steve.

Jr. Youth & MYF
Nov. 23 (Tues.) 6:30 p.m. Jr. Youth: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
Nov 26 (Fri) 7:00 p.m. MYF: Movie Night at the church.

Community Events
Nov. 25 & 26, 12-8pm, Nov. 27, 10am-5pm  Mennonite Central Committee Christmas Marketplace, at 50 Kent Ave., Kitchener.  Unique one-of-a-kind gifts with social impact from Grand Valley Institute for Women, Circle of Friends, volunteers and more.

Nov. 28 (Sun.), 1:30 p.m.  The last Forest Church for Wilmot at Hidden Acres Camp, celebrating the meaningful times over the past two years.

Dec. 4 (Sat.) 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Wilmot Seniors’ Workshop, Christmas Craft Sale, 27 Beck St., Baden.

College and university students’ treat bags are ready for pick-up from the coat rack shelf at the main door. Blessings as you study and write exams.  Thank you to the congregation for your generous donations to the student care packages.  Care Team

You can help some of the most impoverished families in Kenya who have lost jobs, income and loved ones to COVID in a weakening economy with food shortages. Make tax deductible gifts to African Christian Missions of Canada,  P.O. Box 125, Atwood, ON  N0G 1B0. Donations made be made online at CanadaHelps or INTERAC e-Transfers

It’s that time of year again! If you are interested in attending a Mennonite School (i.e. Rockway, Conrad Grebel) or taking an Anabaptist related course in 2022, you are invited to submit an application (by Nov 30th) to the Mennonite Schools and Leadership committee to receive some student aid support. If you have any questions feel free to contact a member of the committee: Andrea Kennel, Scott Wagler, Pastor Sara.

New Hamburg thrift needs Volunteers!! Various positions available.  For more information contact  Jennifer Woolner at or 519-662-2867. Or go to and fill out a Volunteer application. Thank-You

Personal Notes
Congratulations to Sam Roth who is celebrating his 83rd birthday on Tuesday, November 23 and Laverne Gingerich who is celebrating his 82nd birthday on Thursday, November 25.

Remember in Prayer
We hold those in prayer who are journeying with grief and loss.