July 23, 2023 Bulletin

Send our roots rain:
Justice:  Like rain that falls on mown grass
July 23, 2023

Gathering to praise….


Water Ritual

Call to Worship & Prayer

Hymns:   Summoned by the God Who Made Us     VT 1

God Is Here Among Us    VT 62

…to affirm our faith ….

Scripture: Psalm 72 1-7

Hymn: Jesus Shall Reign      VT 414

…..to listen for God’s Spirit ….

Children’s Time

Hymn:  Longing For Light     VT 715


Prayer for the week: Psalm 72: 1-2, 6-7

Give rulers your justice, O God; may they judge your people with righteousness, and your pour with justice.

May rulers be like rain that falls on the mown grass, like showers that water the earth.

May righteousness flourish and peace abound.

Hymn:   Rain Down      VT 703

… who companions us and restores our souls….

Congregational Prayer

Offering & Offertory


….and sends us forth as bearers of God’s love.  

Hymn:  God of the Fertile Fields      VT 750



Leading us in worship:
Prelude/Postlude:  Delphine Schwartzentruber
Worship Leader/Congregational Prayer: Gladys Bender
Song Leader:  Steve Wagler
Children’s Time: Paulette West
Water Bearer:  Anthony Helmuth
Sermon: Rick Brenneman
A/V:  Cliff Kennel and Ron Roth

July Special Offering: Support leadership development and peace theology training in the context of military violence as requested by  Anabaptist Christians in Myanmar. They are closely connected to Chin congregations in Canada.  https://www.mennonitechurch.ca/myanmar

Kid’s Offering will be directed to the monthly special offering.

Chin congregations across Canada collect funds to send to Chin Christian leaders in neighbouring India, who arrange the purchase of food, tarps for shelter and other supplies for internally displaced people suffering in Myanmar due to military bombing and terrorism. You may help by giving to Chin Christian Church, 182 Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 5C6

Coffee & tea available in the fellowship hall following the service.

Next Sunday July 30
10:00 a.m.  Livestream and in-person worship in the sanctuary.
Scripture:  Mark 1:14b-20, 10:28-31
Speaker: Pastor Steve Drudge

The Cape Breton Mennonite Disaster Service team will share highlights.

Farewell Service for Pastor Steve. Noon Potluck. With guests expected, bring generous amounts of first course options only. Steve and Lynelle are providing dessert.
Remember to bring your own dishes. All are welcome!

  • Come prepared to write a blessing and place it in Steve’s shoes. For those who wish to participate, paper will be provided and instructions will be given during the worship service.

Congregational Life
July 25 (Tues.) 4 – 5 p.m. & 6:30 p.m. Pickleball.

July 27 (Thur.) 7 p.m. Detweiler Meetinghouse (3445 Roseville Road, Ayr) presents  No Discernible Key. Admission by donation. Information is at detweilermeetinghouse.ca or mlroes@sympatico.ca.

August 11 – 13 Hidden Acres Church Family Camp reminders: 

  • Last date to sign up for overnight family camp is Sunday, Aug. 6.
  • Saturday, August 12: Everyone is invited to come for the evening corn and hot dog roast at 5:30 pm even if you are not camping for the weekend. Plan to bring lawn chairs, own dishes/drinking cup/bottle, hot dog roasting stick.
  • Sunday, August 13:  Worship begins at 10 am.  Plan to bring lawn chairs, dishes, food to share.  Coffee and water will be provided.

August 14-18, 2023 (9:00-11:45a.m.) Baden Summer Bible Camp
Needed for Bible Camp!

  • Large pieces of cardboard and large boxes.
  • Science lab props (beakers, microscopes, telescopes, containers, magnifying glasses, safety glasses)
  • Lab coats and/or scrubs
  • Balloons – all colours and all sizes!
  • Food colouring

Please consider placing these items on the Bible Camp table in the lobby over the next few weeks as we prepare for camp.  Clearly label anything that you would like returned to you.

Lots of space available for Bible Camp! August 14-18, 2023 (9-11:45 am) Bring your neighbours and friends for a week of STEAM Camp activities where you will see and experience the transforming love of God. It will be fun to discover and share creative ways to make a difference in the world through words and actions.  Register at https://bit.ly/3XyIZ2n

Steinmann Soxx Softball
July 23 (Sun.) 7 p.m. Steinmann Soxx  @ West Hills Rays (New Hamburg – 2)
July 26 (Wed.) 9 p.m.  Steinmann Soxx  @ Mapleview Miners (New Hamburg – 2)
July 31 (Mon.) 9 p.m.  West Hills Rays @ Steinmann Soxx (Tavistock – Optimist )

Wider Community
Oct. 28 (Sat.) 9 – 4:30 p.m. Voices Together Resource Day at Shantz Mennonite Church. Save the Date! Registration will open in August.

MCC Relief Impact Report Summer 2023 on table next to the mailboxes.

Personal Notes
Your help with meals for Tasha (Steckle), Matthew and family would be much appreciated. In lieu of ground beef, please substitute ground chicken or ground turkey. Other forms of beef are okay. A “Meal Train” has been created. You can click on the link https://mealtrain.com/qk71ml to sign up for the date you choose and meal menu.  If you have questions or prefer signing up for a meal by phone, please contact Darlene Gingerich. Thank you.

Congratulations to Nyle & Kathleen Hofstetter who are celebrating their 55th   anniversary on Wednesday, July 26 and Leonard & Delphine Schwartzentruber who are celebrating their 62nd anniversary on Saturday, July 29.

Remember in Prayer
Continue to pray for Nyle Hofstetter who is hospitalized in London with a blood infection.

Prayer request from Mennonite World Conference:

  • Uganda – for Congolese refugees living there, for a Bible School, leadership training and new churches to meet the rising demand.