January 29, 2023 Bulletin

Sunday, January 29 We gather to praise our loving God…. Prelude Call to Worship & Prayer Hymn – Here I Am to Worship     VT 227 Litany     VT 1024 Hymn: God be the love     VT 43 …to listen for God’s word…. Children’s Time Gift of music Scripture: Matthew 20: 1-16 Sermon: Grumbling … [Read more…]

January 22, 2023 Bulletin

Sunday, January 22 Prelude Welcome Call to worship & Prayer 10 000 Reasons     VT 111 My Lighthouse    VT 597 Children’s time Longing for Light      VT 715 Drum calls us to silence Luke 5:1-11, 27-31 Reflection Luke 5:1-11, 27-31 Sermon Jesus be the Centre      VT 584 Congregational Prayer Offering Announcements … [Read more…]

January 15, 2023 Bulletin

Sunday, January 15, 2023 GATHERING Prelude Scripture:  Psalm 40:1–5 Hymn:  Your Love is Amazing     VT 96 Hymn:  Masithi     VT 90  HEARING  Children’s Time Scripture:  John 1:29-42 Hymn:  In Christ Alone     VT 332 Sermon: Who are You?  RESPONDING  Hymn:  Come and See     VT 282 Congregational Prayer Offering Announcements Hymn:  We will Walk with God     VT 815 … [Read more…]

January 8, 2023 Bulletin

Sunday, January 8, 2023 An Unexpected Time:  Light for the World Epiphany GATHERING Prelude     Doris Martin Call to Worship     Mark Scheerer Prayer Hymn:  In the Beginning      VT 270 Scripture Presentation:  Isaiah 60: 1-6   Isaac Roth Hymn:  Arise, Your Light is Come!    VT 273 HEARING Children’s Time     Joy Wagler Gift … [Read more…]

January 1, 2023 Bulletin

Sunday, January 1, 2023 New Year’s Day Prelude Joy to the world     VT 240 Call to Worship Prayer         Angels, from the Realms of Glory     VT 265 Christ, You Are Light     VT 271 Scripture presentation: Ecclesiates 3:1-13 In the Bulb There Is a Flower     VT 670 Children’s Time Mark 1:15, … [Read more…]

December 25, 2022 Christmas Day Bulletin

Sunday, December 25,  2022 Christmas Day Cancelled due to weather Prelude Welcome Joy to the World     VT 240 Call to Worship & Prayer Hark the Herald Angels Sing     VT 247 Imaginative Gazing Scripture Presentation     Isaiah 52:7-10      Samantha Wagler What Child is This / Helpless and Hungry     VT 267 & VT 268 Children’s Time … [Read more…]

December 18, 2022 Bulletin

Sunday, December 18,  2022 An Unexpected Time:  Called to look deeply Advent 4 GATHERING Prelude Lighting of Advent candle       Tyler Gerber Ben Gingerich, Courtney Hobbs, Marley and Clarke Bell calls us to silence   Steve Wagler Call to worship Prayer Hymn     Bless’d Be the God of Israel    VT 223 HEARING Children’s singing   Go tell … [Read more…]

December 11, 2022 Bulletin

Sunday, December 11,  2022 An Unexpected Time:  Called to wait wisely Advent 3 GATHERING Prelude Lighting of Advent candle          Brandon Gingerich Bob Bender, Karen Lebold, Sandra Roth Bell calls us to silence Gladys Bender Call to Worship Prayer Hymn          Here I am to Worship           VT 227 Scripture Presentation    Isaiah 35:1-10 … [Read more…]

December 4, 2022 Bulletin

Sunday, December 4,  2022 An Unexpected Time:  Called to live with hope Advent 2 GATHERING Prelude               Darryl Drudge, Elaine Finney, Ben Winter Several children will play piano pieces Lighting of Advent candle               Scott Wagle Larry & Pat Wagler Bell calls us to silence               Rick Brenneman Call to worship Prayer Hymn        … [Read more…]

November 27, 2022 Bulletin

Sunday, November 27,  2022 An Unexpected Time:  Called to be attentive Advent 1 GATHERING Prelude   Grant Movold Lighting of Advent candle     Myron Wagler,Rose Wagler, Samantha Wagler Bell calls us to silence Call to Worship & Prayer     Rick Brenneman Hymn              Oh, How Shall I Receive Thee    VT 215 Scripture presentation      … [Read more…]