August 1, 2021 Bulletin

August 1, 2021 

Summer Worship Series

Trips and Travels: Encountering God



Call to Worship


I Sought the Lord                                 VT 161

Like a Rock                                           VT 63

Children’s Time

Genesis 39

Sermon:  Unwanted Trips: Encountering God

Eternal Light, Shine in My Heart          VT 554




The Lord lift you up                              STJ 73



Leading Us in Worship:

Prelude/Postlude: Doris Martin

Worship Leader: Darryl Drudge

Children’s Time: The Carter’s

Sermon & Prayer: Pastor Steve Drudge

Livestream: Steve Kennel

TODAY 11:00 a.m. Coffee Time on Zoom


Under Ontario step 3 reopening we can accommodate about 120 people for worship in the fellowship hall. 49 attended in person last week. Some folks are at campsites or cottages. There is room for you if you wish to attend in person. Please wear a mask. Livestreaming will continue. Call the church office if you have questions.

Monthly giving focus for August:  Emergency food and relief for 4.5 million people who have lost livelihoods or fled violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. Thousands have died. The crisis is expected to get worse. Borders could close to humanitarian aid. To give:

As we journey throughout the Summer Worship series, the Worship Table reflects various adventures and journeys as well! Camping, going to the beach, fishing, hiking and travelling the globe! If you look closely you will see linens from Turkey, the colourful one from the area of Cappadocia – where there were underground cities and hidden churches in the early days; my Grandma, Alice Bender’s bible – in which I found a postcard (from Africa) from Viola and Victor Dorsch! Hanging from the table is a dreamcatcher that was made when a group from our church went to Timmins on an Indigenous Learning Tour through MCC and of course…..hand sanitizer and a mask. Can you spot one other important player in our day to day adventures?! Happy and Safe Travel this summer.  ~Kim Lichti.


Next Sunday August 8
9:45 a.m. Livestream and up to 120 people in-person worship

Trips and Travels: Encountering God

Meditation: Pastor Max Kennel

11:00 a.m.  Coffee Time on Zoom


Aug. 8 (Sun.) 3 p.m. Pool Party – New Gr. 9s welcome!

Steinmann Events

August 3 (Tues.) Church office closed

August 5 (Thurs.) 10:30 a.m. Peace & Justice Committee meeting

August 9-13 Baden Summer Bible Camp 2021 Updated Information

To register:

**Bring your Friends!!**

We are excited that we are able to offer an outdoor Bible Camp experience during this time of COVID-19 restrictions and uncertainty.  We have been provided with and will be expected to follow the COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for day camps.

This is a free activity for our community. There will be an opportunity to make donations of food towards the Wilmot Family Resource Centre.

Camp will run for 2 hours each morning in the large tents on the Steinmann Church property. Groups will rotate through Dramas, Marketplace Crafts and Activities, Recreation Games and Family Story time.

For the safety of all of our campers and volunteers, participants will come to camp each day and rotate through the mentioned activity stations with their cohort.  You are encouraged to register with other families so that you can play and learn together.  Caregivers will be expected to remain with their child’s cohort in order to experience camp together and to ensure the safety of their child/ren.  Guidelines will allow for one caregiver (parent, grandparent, older sibling, neighbour, friend) to attend with up to 10 children.  If you wish to share this supervision responsibility with another family or person, please indicate that on your registration form.

Time slots will vary for each family or social cohort.  Your camp time will remain the same each day.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Aug. 22 (Sun.) 3:00 – 4:30 Sunday popcorn and watermelon (formerly S’mores) intergenerational social at Don & Marilyn Steinmann’s farm, A-3045 Bleams Rd., New Hamburg. It will include a time for reflection on our spiritual and personal journey during the past year.  Snack provided; bring your own chair and water bottle.  2 m distancing between households will be expected. Bring a mask for when that is difficult. Call Darlene Gingerich, 519-662-3492 to register your intent to attend.  Up to 40 people maximum. If you miss this time, a similar event may be planned at a later date.

Personal Notes
Congratulations to Erma Steinmann who is celebrating her 91st birthday on Saturday, August 7.

Remember in Prayer
Janessa Otto who was hospitalized with heart concerns this week. Pray for her and her family as they wait to know more about what is going on.

Our search process for a Pastor of Worship and Care

Baden Summer Bible Camp