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April 11, 2021 

Called to Deep Living




Call to Worship


Come Thou Fount                                                         VT 563

Children’s Time

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 30: 19 and Matthew 11:2-6

Sermon: Waiting

Lord, Listen to your Children                                        VT 682

Congregational Prayer


Oh Healing River                                                         VT 706




Leading Us in Worship:

Pianist: Doris Martin

Worship Leader and prayer: Janessa Otto

Children’s Time: Joanne Schwartzentruber

Sermon: Pastor Max Kennel


Today 11:00 a.m.  Coffee Time


With the stay-at-home order now in place, we are able to continue with hybrid services limited to 10% of our capacity. Those with access to livestreaming are strongly encouraged to stay home.  Those who face barriers to accessing the service online are still welcome to come in-person following our safety protocols.

  • Church staff will be working from home, and the church building will be closed except for worship services and funerals.
  • Pastors can be reached via email, their home phone numbers, or by leaving a message at the church
  • Dawna and Wendy can still be reached via the church phone number


Next Sunday April 18

Inspired by the Spirit


9:45 a.m. Livestream and limited in-person worship

Speaker:  Kandace Boos


11:00 a.m. Adult Education on Zoom

No Coffee Time


Jr. Youth


April 30 (Fri.) 6:30 p.m. Jr. Youth Faith Talk and Games on Zoom.


Coming Steinmann Events


April 14 (Wed.) 7:00 p.m. Vision Focus Team meeting on Zoom


Community Events


April 12 (Mon.) 7 p.m.  Land Defenders from Landback Lane. Hear how storytellers Skyler Williams and Eric Lankin are navigating this conflict even while the potential for violence simmers. A bonus Treaty as Sacred Covenant event.  Register Today! 


April 15 (Thurs.) 10:30–11:30 a.m. Hear John Longhurst, former director of communications and marketing at MEDA (1997-2005) and Bob Cox, publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press, talk about the importance of good religion coverage, how it contributes to the future of quality journalism, and the challenges facing newspapers and the media at large today.  A MEDA Network event. Register at


April 15 (Thurs.) 8 p.m. MCC Webinar: Stories of struggle and strength from women around the globe. Global crises, like a pandemic, often hit woman and girls the hardest. Join us as we take a look at our work through a gender lens.


April 22 (Thurs.), Earth Day 6:30–8:00 p.m.  Let’s Talk Plastics, a free family webinar. Register   Includes screening of a documentary by 13 year old Dylan D’Haze, and presentations by other local youth.


April 23 -24, 2021 Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (MCEC) Virtual Annual Church Gathering – Courageous Imagination: Who are we and what is the church becoming? If interested in being a Steinmann Church delegate, speak with Jim Steckle. You are also welcome to join as an attendee (non-voting). More information available:




The next meal delivery to the Land Defenders at 1492 Land Back in Caledonia is Friday, May 7. If you would like to contribute please contact Gladys Bender


Mennonite Central Committee update:

New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale, mark your calendars and save the dates for the live online auctions:

May 28 starting at 7 p.m. vintage quilts, furniture, experiences,                                          gift             baskets, and more

May 29 starting at 9 a.m. over 150 beautiful handmade quilts

2021 featured quilt unveiled.  See the quilt at


Personal Notes


Congratulation to David Steinmann who is celebrating his 88th birthday on Sunday, April 11 and to Olive Campbell who is celebrating her 83rd birthday on Monday, April 12.


Remember in Prayer


All those affected by the pandemic and the latest stay at home orders. Those experiencing job or income loss, increasing mental health concerns, extended isolation, and limited access to resources. May we continue to find ways to creatively support one another, and check in on each other and our neighbours in the coming weeks.