Admin. Assistant Wanted

Employment Opportunity
Steinmann Mennonite Church is looking for an Administrative Assistant, 4 days per week. Interested applicants can view the job description below.

Please submit a cover letter and resume by email ( or drop off at church by February 12, noon. Church office is open Tuesday through Friday, 8 – 4:30 pm.

Steinmann Mennonite Church
Administrative Assistant Job Description

1. Communications Administration
• Reception
– answering the phone
– greeting visitors when appropriate
• Church bulletin
– taking announcements
– prepare weekly bulletins, make copies, fold and have bulletins available for the Ushers
– deliver bulletins to Nithview Community
– process bulletins for special occasions as requested (weddings, funerals, conferences, etc.)
• Church Communications
– maintain church mailbox labels
– distribute weekly publications, minutes, pamphlets, mailings, etc. in mail boxes when necessary or requested
– Email prayer requests, announcement and information as requested
• Community Communications
– newspaper advertising
– posters (as requested)
• Coordinate the Photography Committee
– catalogue photos on the shared folder of the computer
– inform committees of events that should be photographed – baptisms, child/parent dedications, etc.
• Coordinate Church Historical Preservation
– responsible to see that the congregational records (bulletins, minutes, letters, newsletter, report books and any other historical documents) are annually deposited in the Mennonite Archives of Ontario at Conrad Grebel College/University, Waterloo, Ontario in consultation with Pastors
• Assist with the Congregational Communicator
• Maintain bulletin boards

2. Facilities Administration
• Maintain reservations and bookings (keeping the Custodians, Property Management and Pastors informed)
• Secure Facility Supervisors and Sound Technicians for rentals
• Distribute and track church fobs and keys
• Designate meeting rooms if required
• Help facilitate scheduling of maintenance and repairs as requested by Property

3. Office Administration
● Submit office budget for Spending Plan
• Maintain church records – births, marriages, deaths, membership
• Forward birth, marriage, death information to “Canadian Mennonite” and update addresses
• Assist Pastors with contacts for funerals (Property Management, Organist, Trustees, Food Committee, Funeral Home, Cemetery Caretaker)
• Maintain a list of persons 80 and older and 25th/50th and above anniversaries for publication in the bulletin
• Process incoming mail and email
• Send, receive, distribute email website information when necessary
• Coordinate and maintain social media (facebook, twitter, website, youtube)
• Keep an updated copy of the church information directory
• Ensure that there are adequate office supplies
• Ensure proper maintenance and care of office equipment
• Assist Church Librarians when requested
• Order Sunday School materials and supplies
• Maintain Church cemetery records (maintain the list of burials and update the cemetery record book as well as the copy in the Library)
• Record and distribute minutes for Vision Focus Team meetings, Annual meetings and others as requested by Vision Focus Team Chair or Pastors *note – all meetings are to be included as work hours
• Compile and prepare the Annual Business and the Annual Program Review books
• Keep a running document of motions and actions
• Work closely with pastors to help them effectively carry out the administration of the congregation’s programs
• Prepare surveys as requested
• Create power point presentations as requested

• Able to respond to others in a courteous and friendly manner projecting a positive attitude about Christian faith, the church and its leaders
• Able to exercise a high level of confidentiality
• Good computer software skills
• Ability to run office equipment
• Willing to become familiar with our congregation and the larger Mennonite Church
• Well versed on social media

Responsible to Staff Support Committee and Lead Pastor

Hours, Compensation and Benefits:
● Four days/week and vacation pay
● Wages commensurate with training and experience
● Paid every two weeks
● Benefits include Pension and Health Plan, Long-term Disability

Steinmann Mennonite Church 1316 Snyder's Road West Baden, Ontario Canada N3A 3K8 Founded: 1824